Bench Press, French Press

Bench press for the body, french press for the soul.

So I recently (namely yesterday) purchased a Bodum Chambord French Press. Up until now I’ve been using a Senseo pad machine to deliver my early morning caffeine fix , but I stumbled over these two articles regarding coffee. And while I’m not entirely sure, if this coconut/butter in coffee thing is a thing for me, I am entirely sure that I should spend a bit more money on higher quality coffee. Because coffee is not only a supplier of a steady influx of caffeeine, but also of a plethora of anti-oxidants, aromas, tastes, and an excellent appetite-blunting-elixir. And, starting today, it tastes fucking awesome.

The french press has a nice look to it, seems sturdy enough (although I’m not too keen on testing the extent of this feature), and Bodum seems to be a good brand for coffee makers. As far as I could gather from my limited search, they’re widely accepted as french press suppliers amongst coffee enthusiasts.

My french press, filled with delicious coffee.

My french press, filled with delicious coffee.

Deciding to spend more money for less, but better coffee, is part of a step of going towards more wholesome foods. I’m also trying to switch to Organic dairy and egg products, to see if that stabilizes my hormone balance, skin condition (dermatitis) and general well-being. If I notice anything drastic, I will post about that.

You can find a review of the coffee that I tried here.

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